SAMSUNG MLTD-101 Black toner – compatible

SAMSUNG MLTD-101, Black  compatable laser cartridge.

We offer good alternative cartridges, ISO9001 ACCREDITED.

It is a high quality, good performance cartridge, with a full 30 days guarantee.

Pay a fraction of the original price without compromising printing quality!

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How to fix: bad “worm type” printing on Samsung M2020/ M2070 PRINTERS

Sometimes a compatible cartridge may print a worm like imiage on your printer.

There is a way to solve this problem.

The ALTITUDE setting on the printer has to be reset; you need to download “easy printer mamager”.

To do this you have to go to Samsung’s website:

Follow these steps:

1) go to

2) Select SUPPORT

3) Select PC & Office and the dropdown – Printer here

4) Scroll down to EASY PRINTER MANAGER

5) Click on read more, the software will automatically begin to download to your computer.


INK4U – bringing real solutions to your printing problems

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Our sales ladies are no ordinary sales ladies, They are INK4U sales ladies!

Reasons for there top performance in the industry:

1. Sales people keep all your information at their fingertips.

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Please read the Labels

Recently we had a client complaining about leaking cartridges and spilled toner in boxes when he opens the packaging.

What we found strange was the amount of “come-backs” this client had.

After talking to him about the way he handled his cartridges, I was surprised to learn that he just throws his cartridges

into the store room, or vehicle, never handling the cartridges with the care as stipulated on the packaging.

Cartridges are fragile- please store as directed.

  1. NEVER store your cartridge upside down!
  2. NEVER let your cartridge drop to the floor!
  3. Keep your cartridge (and your printer) away from direct sunlight!
  4. Store your cartridge in a cool dry place.


box images on 450 Pics

Handling your cartridge with care and you will have many happy printing hours!

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Best sales consultants in the industry

Apart from being such gorgeous looking people, at INK4U we are proud of our sales team! We would like to introduce you to the team.

Now you can put a face to the name of this formidable team!




Annelise joined our company in 2014. Annelise is our most experienced sales consultant, with extensive knowledge in the industry, (over 18 years in the cartridge industry) her knowledge is hard to match. Annelise ALWAYS, gives 100% to all her cleints, whether it is an order, quote or a problem to solve. She will always go the extra mile for clients and our company.


MARITZA – Junior Sales Manager


Maritza has proven herself to be a true gem. Her friendly personality and consistant kind nature is a welcome bonus in a stressfull corporate world. Maritza has almost 7 years of experience and knowledge in the cartridge industry. Clients love dealing with Maritza, she handles the biggest problems with ease and efficiency.  Maritza was also promoted to our junior sales manager in 2017, well done Maritza!!



Amorie joined the team Februarie 2017! Amorie is a very quick learner, and has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with. She fitted right in with the rest of the team. Amorie had no prior knowledge of our industry, but she quickly gained the trust of the clients she deals with. Apart from being very friendly and patience,  we can honestly say this lady learned our industry very quickly and she grew her client data base daily. Her computer skills is a welcome bonus.



Donovon joined our team in January 2017 as our stock controller. Donovan is not just a pretty face, he has proven himself to be outstanding in his work. He is well loved and have gained an excelllent knowledge of our industry. He ensures that all clients parcels are ordered, packed and shipped on time. Even during the most stressfull situations, Donovon stays calm and keep his cool!



Buy your Samsung MLTD105L generic and save

The Original Samsung ML-TD105L is now available in a generic / compatible cartridge as well as an Afrique laser Samsung MLTD105L re-manufactured cartridge.

Samsung ML-TD105L re-manufactured cartridges requires an empty cartridge in return.

If you need to purchase your Samsung MLTD105L laser cartridge on our webstore directly, please confirm availability with our offices.  We do deliver Samsung cartridges to Johannesburg and country wide.

We can supply a generic Samsung MLTD105L cartridges, but clients should take note that the generic/ compatible Samsung ML105L is more expensive than the Afrique Laser remanufactured Samsung ML105L cartridge. We only supply the large cartridge.

Re-manufactured and generic/compatible cartridges are a much cheaper option than the original cartridges, and it will not damage your printers. please remember to get the most out of your printer your printer should be serviced regularly. (At least once a year)


How to remove a paper jam from your SAMSUNG 4623F printer

Paper jams drives everybody insane, try to prevent paper jams by not overloading your trays, of pulling paper out whilst printing.

Follow these easy instructions to remove the different types of paper jams from your samsung printer:

Watch this video


Page count on your SAMSUNG or XEROX printers

Doing a page count on Samsung and Xerox printers are basically the same.

Before sending back a cartridge on being faulty, your suppliers may insist on a page count.

Please note if your cartridge have printed out 50% or more, the cartridge will not be replaced or credited.




Switch on your printer, now select the red traingle button  on your printer, hold the button in.





You will see the following page being printed ( xerox will print a xerox test page) please find your page counts on the page and put it in the box with your cartridge that you think is faulty. Please note the supplier will run a simislar test page on the cartridge and the page counts should be similar.




see page count here



We have experienced the following error messages on the HP950XL generic ink cartridges, due to automatic firmware updates by Hp.

HP has supplied a solution to this problem.

You may now purchase the 950XL generic ink cartridges, installing it without hassle.

If you receive the following error message on your printer, “one or more cartridges appear to be damaged. Remove them and replace with a new cartridge”please follow the link & instructions provided to update your printer firmware.

Please select this link: Solution to fix HP950XL Cartridge Problem then do the following:

1) Scroll down to solutions

2) Select your printer and do the update on your printer settings.

Now, place your order for your generic INK, and safe money without compromising on quality.

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