Best sales consultants in the industry

Apart from being such gorgeous looking people, at INK4U we are proud of our sales team! We would like to introduce you to the team.

Now you can put a face to the name of this formidable team!




Annelise joined our company in 2014. Annelise is our most experienced sales consultant, with extensive knowledge in the industry, (over 18 years in the cartridge industry) her knowledge is hard to match. Annelise ALWAYS, gives 100% to all her cleints, whether it is an order, quote or a problem to solve. She will always go the extra mile for clients and our company.


MARITZA – Junior Sales Manager


Maritza has proven herself to be a true gem. Her friendly personality and consistant kind nature is a welcome bonus in a stressfull corporate world. Maritza has almost 7 years of experience and knowledge in the cartridge industry. Clients love dealing with Maritza, she handles the biggest problems with ease and efficiency.  Maritza was also promoted to our junior sales manager in 2017, well done Maritza!!



Amorie joined the team Februarie 2017! Amorie is a very quick learner, and has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with. She fitted right in with the rest of the team. Amorie had no prior knowledge of our industry, but she quickly gained the trust of the clients she deals with. Apart from being very friendly and patience,  we can honestly say this lady learned our industry very quickly and she grew her client data base daily. Her computer skills is a welcome bonus.



Donovon joined our team in January 2017 as our stock controller. Donovan is not just a pretty face, he has proven himself to be outstanding in his work. He is well loved and have gained an excelllent knowledge of our industry. He ensures that all clients parcels are ordered, packed and shipped on time. Even during the most stressfull situations, Donovon stays calm and keep his cool!