How to fix: bad “worm type” printing on Samsung M2020/ M2070 PRINTERS

Sometimes a compatible cartridge may print a worm like imiage on your printer.

There is a way to solve this problem.

The ALTITUDE setting on the printer has to be reset; you need to download “easy printer mamager”.

To do this you have to go to Samsung’s website:

Follow these steps:

1) go to www.samsung.com

2) Select SUPPORT

3) Select PC & Office and the dropdown – Printer here

4) Scroll down to EASY PRINTER MANAGER

5) Click on read more, the software will automatically begin to download to your computer.


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Buy your Samsung MLTD105L generic and save

The Original Samsung ML-TD105L is now available in a generic / compatible cartridge as well as an Afrique laser Samsung MLTD105L re-manufactured cartridge.

Samsung ML-TD105L re-manufactured cartridges requires an empty cartridge in return.

If you need to purchase your Samsung MLTD105L laser cartridge on our webstore directly, please confirm availability with our offices.  We do deliver Samsung cartridges to Johannesburg and country wide.

We can supply a generic Samsung MLTD105L cartridges, but clients should take note that the generic/ compatible Samsung ML105L is more expensive than the Afrique Laser remanufactured Samsung ML105L cartridge. We only supply the large cartridge.

Re-manufactured and generic/compatible cartridges are a much cheaper option than the original cartridges, and it will not damage your printers. please remember to get the most out of your printer your printer should be serviced regularly. (At least once a year)


How to remove a paper jam from your SAMSUNG 4623F printer

Paper jams drives everybody insane, try to prevent paper jams by not overloading your trays, of pulling paper out whilst printing.

Follow these easy instructions to remove the different types of paper jams from your samsung printer:

Watch this video


Page count on your SAMSUNG or XEROX printers

Doing a page count on Samsung and Xerox printers are basically the same.

Before sending back a cartridge on being faulty, your suppliers may insist on a page count.

Please note if your cartridge have printed out 50% or more, the cartridge will not be replaced or credited.




Switch on your printer, now select the red traingle button  on your printer, hold the button in.





You will see the following page being printed ( xerox will print a xerox test page) please find your page counts on the page and put it in the box with your cartridge that you think is faulty. Please note the supplier will run a simislar test page on the cartridge and the page counts should be similar.




see page count here