Please read the Labels

Recently we had a client complaining about leaking cartridges and spilled toner in boxes when he opens the packaging.

What we found strange was the amount of “come-backs” this client had.

After talking to him about the way he handled his cartridges, I was surprised to learn that he just throws his cartridges

into the store room, or vehicle, never handling the cartridges with the care as stipulated on the packaging.

Cartridges are fragile- please store as directed.

  1. NEVER store your cartridge upside down!
  2. NEVER let your cartridge drop to the floor!
  3. Keep your cartridge (and your printer) away from direct sunlight!
  4. Store your cartridge in a cool dry place.


box images on 450 Pics

Handling your cartridge with care and you will have many happy printing hours!

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