Terms & Conditions


  • A (30) thirty days guarantee on generic toner (laser) cartridges.
  • A (15) fifteen days guarantee on generic ink cartridges
  • A (15) fiteen days guarantee only on original ink & laser cartridges

Therefore No original stock will be credited without the original packaging.

Original cartridges and generic inks can also only be credited if returned within 15 days!

Consequently all goods remain the property of INK4U cc until paid for in full.

In these terms and conditions:-

1 The goods means the goods as indicated on any company forms, price lists, quotations, orders or Invoices.

1.1 The customer means any entity referred to in the “Company”

1. Therefore the Customer agrees that

(a) due to fact that this contract presents the entire agreement between the Customer and INK4U cc (hereinafter called the “Supplier”) and that all alterations or additions to the contract may be effected to both parties, reduced to the contract may be effected unless a duly authorized representative of the Supplier;

(b) That this agreement will govern all the future contractual relationships between the parties; and

(c) is applicable to all existing debts between the parties and

(d) This contract is final and binding.

2. The Customer hereby acknowledge that he/she has read and understood each term of this invoice agreement and accepts it as binding.

3. The Customer agrees that neither the Supplier nor any of its employees will be liable for any negligent or innocent misrepresentations made to the Customer.

4. The Customer warrants that the signatory on the reverse side has been duly authorized to contract on its behalf and binds him/herself in his/ her personal capacity as co-debtor in solidus for the full amount due to the Supplier and agrees that these Standard Conditions will apply to him / her.

5. The Customer agrees to pay the full amount due to the Supplier upon receipt of goods, and agrees to pay the full amount on the invoice by (a) cash or internet transfer, in which case the proof must be attached on the copy invoice.

6. The Customer has no right to withhold payment for any reason whatsoever.

7. The Customer shall be liable to the Supplier for all legal expenses (including collection fees) on the attorney – and client scale of an attorney in the event of: (a) default by Customer or (b) any litigation in the regard to the validity and enforce ability of this document.

8. Any goods send back for credit must be faulty and within the guaranteed period for an exchange or credit. A 15% handling fee will be applicable on all returns for credit. Therefore Any original cartridges send back for credit must still be sealed and in its original packaging, if it was tampered with the “Original Suppliers” will not issue a credit back to the Supplier, and therefore no credit can be issued to the Customer.

9. This contract becomes binding and final on receipt of acceptance by the Supplier at its above business address.

Copyright INK4U cc 2013

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